I have always had a fascination with duration, repetition and longevity, and how they relate to the arc of one’s life. I am curious about what happens to people.

Within a photographic context, I have the propensity to attach myself to my subjects; in my photographic meditation on juvenescence, I often create icons of the characters I find myself connected to, ultimately exploring what the transition from youth into adulthood means.

I’ve always sought to withhold critical objectivity in my work while putting myself in a position to discover how to create intimacy between the photographer and subject and to infuse myself within the imagery.

My printed objects – my zines and books – act as a vehicle to compress visual representations of my subjects and create an intimate space in which the viewer can have their own conversation with the work.

I tend to use a variety of instruments and materials to serve my visual language, and though it may be perceived as being (consistently) inconsistent, the methodology of my approach is self-contained within an overseeing arc. Despite the variety of disciplines that I employ, at its core, my photography always addresses the same fundamental themes.

Subject matter often determines the way I interpret and create imagery, and my foremost objective is to build relationships within the narrative I am exploring. Some of the questions I explore through my process are: what am I gaining from this experience outside of the photographs themselves? As a human being, where do these explorations take me and what kind of relationships am I fortifying?

With my commercially lead projects, I still try and employ these qualities in the work that I produce, and am aware of the organising principles and constraints of fusing my work in a commercial conversation. It has afforded me the opportunity to work with a different frame of mind; to be flexible with my process has been beneficial to me and has encouraged me to grow in many ways.

I see my publishing endeavours as being equally valuable to all my creative facets, and my exploration in all these alternate modes of creativity has nurtured my discovery of my own personality and as an artist.

– ALK, 2018