Andreas Laszlo Konrath brings his authentic and material relationship with photography to bear in his portrait and fashion assignments. Calling forth the rich heritage of photography and film’s experimental history, Konrath creates visual encounters with his subjects that are enduring and authentic. His images appear in magazines including Holiday, Man About Town, New York Magazine, Variety, Vibe, W, as well as in advertising campaigns and special projects for Pierre Balmain, Rag & Bone, and the Toronto International Film Festival. Andreas Laszlo Konrath has photographed iconic cultural figures including Christian Bale, Josh Brolin, David Byrne, Bryan Cranston, James Franco, Debbie Harry, Ewan McGregor, Sam Rockwell, Jerry Seinfeld, Patti Smith, Kanye and new creative talents including Lil Buck, Devonte Hynes, Ezra Miller, Willy Moon, Dylan Rieder, Gabourey Sidibe and Liu Wen. Andreas Laszlo Konrath’s deep capacity for subjective visual storytelling underpins his commissioned and independent short films, which carry his evocative aesthetic. Konrath is also a leading creator of zines including J.O.E., Made in Brooklyn, If the Kids are United and Anthony No Name At Gmail Dot Com. He is the co-founder of Pau Wau Publications with designer
Brian Paul Lamotte.

– Charlotte Cotton, 2015

I was born in 1981, in a small town named Chorleywood, just North West of London. My father, an architect from Hungary, and my mother, a ballet dancer turned dance and movement teacher from England, are both retired. My brother, 7 years my senior, is a writer as well as a support worker.

At the age of 11 I was in a death metal band with my best friends Richard & Robert Phoenix. We named ourselves Discharge (little did we know there was a real band named Discharge) and attempted to play early Sepultura songs and possibly a few notes of Napalm Death. Around 13 years of age I rediscovered skateboarding from a brief stint around ’89 – ’90 when my Mum had brought me back a skateboard after working in California. My old Santa Cruz Slick still had some life in it until I updated my equipment to the advanced shapes of ’94. Skateboarding was my life and I proceeded to destroy my body on this wooden toy until the age of 20 when I ended up in hospital with a ruined knee thanks to a winter session at the South Bank 7. During a painful NHS recovery and misdiagnosis of a disintegrated ACL I took the time to focus more on the punk band I was in from ‘00 – ‘04, with whom I was the bassist and toured the UK several times playing every toilet bowl possible. Notably several members ended up creating the band Gallows after my departure.

During this time I also picked up my first camera shortly after my brother bought me Tulsa by Larry Clark for my 18th birthday. While I studied my Art Foundation at Amersham College, I decided to leave graphic design behind and concentrate on taking photographs of what was around me; skateboarders, bands, friends and general youth related activities that one’s time is occupied with in the suburbs of London.

After completing the course I went on to study my Degree in Fine Art at London Guildhall University, Whitechapel. I learnt a lot living in the East End, and carried on photographing my friends, perfecting my approach and documenting my culture.

In 2004 I decided to move to New York after being offered a visa opportunity, something I could not turn down after visiting the Big Apple the first time in 2002 and leaving with the words I will live here one day.

By late 2007 I had picked up some editorial assignments, and in early 2008 was named one of PDN’s 30. Over the next few years some other nominations followed including SPD and D&AD awards, some more assignments and several exhibitions in New York, London, Copenhagen and Sardinia. Also at the end of 2008 I had started a partnership with my good friend Brian, a designer, producing limited edition zines and artist books under the moniker Pau Wau Publications.

I currently live and work in Brooklyn, New York.